Scale: 1/24
Conditions: MB
Carmodel code: CAR118431
Manufacturer code: 12280
Colour: /
Material: plastic
Year: 1977
EAN: 4968728122809


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The adoption of the mid-rear engine had never found a systematic application on the Ferrari GTs, with the exception of the 250LM and the 365P, cars which, however, never went into series production. The road experimentation of this solution instead took place with the Dino range, first with the 206GT, then with the 246GT. Finally in 1973 Ferrari presented a road-going GT, equipped with a 4390cc 180-horsepower V12 boxer. Aside from the mechanical and design innovation, the 365 GT4 / BB was characterized by a gorgeous design by Pininfarina, consisting of two ideal half-shells, long and slant nose, large rear hood and short tail. The 365 GT4 / BB had as its ideal development the 512BB, marketed since 1976.

By David Tarallo

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