I-SCALE - AUDI - Q2 2016

Scale: 1/43
Carmodel code: CAR102845
Manufacturer code: 5011602633
Material: die-cast
Year: 2016
EAN: 2160000042542

Availability: available
€59.95 Vat Inc. 19.95
Exchange rate: *

Quite compact for SUV’s standards, the Audi Q2 makes the overall dimensions-habitability ratio one of its strong points, together with its safe behavior on the road. Like the rest of the Audi range, the Q2 has evolved receiving an increasingly flashy and aggressive aesthetic, starting with the grille. Quite dynamic, the Q2 hides some TT coupé solutions under its skin. Without turning into a sports car, it nevertheless retains some features that make it rather pleasant to drive.

By David Tarallo

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