Scale: 1/64
Carmodel code: CAR138804
Manufacturer code: 319250-319251
Colour: GOLD MET
Material: die-cast
Year: 1974
EAN: 3551093192518

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Vat Inc. 4.95
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Destined to take up the legacy of the DS, the Citroën CX represented a successful synthesis between originality and mechanical refinement. For the technical part, the CX owed a lot not only to the DS but also to the SM Maserati coupe. GS, on the other hand, was inspired by style in general. The result was a high-class car which, in production since 1974, was Citroën's workhorse. Produced in over 1 million specimens until 1991, the CX had engines from 2000 to 2500cc. It was also the last Citroën of the Michelin era before the wedding with Peugeot.

By David Tarallo

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