Scale: 1/64
Carmodel code: CAR138806
Manufacturer code: 319250-319251
Material: die-cast
Year: 1978
EAN: 3551093192518

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Pierre Bercot, head of Citroën until 1970, had in mind a new medium car, completely original and which was not a simple adaptation of the 2CV, as had happened with the Ami 6. For all the sixties, Citroën had made studies on this project, often changing direction without a real point of arrival. Finally, project G, which would lead to the GS, marked the arrival of something definitve. The car, which came out in 1970, suddenly made the competitors Renault 12, Peugeot 204-304 and Simca 1100 appear old. A refined mechanics (4-cylinder flat air-cooled engine, hydraulic brakes suspensions) and a very particular line made the GS an interesting car. It was a nice idea that materialized in a sales success, with the GS first and then the subsequent GSA which remained in the catalog until 1986, with almost two and a half million examples produced and engines up to 2500cc.

By David Tarallo

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