Масштаб: 1/18
Carmodel code: CAR135349
Manufacturer code: 184502
Материал: die-cast
Year: 1964
EAN: 3551091845027

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The car that replaced the PL17 in the Panhard range was not a 4 door saloon, but a more sporty 2 door coupé-looking vehicle. Citroën was afraid that a new Panhard saloon would affect the DS21 sales, so a 2 door configuration was chosen. The new car was called the 24 to celebrate Panhard’s successes in the Le Mans 24 Hours; it was available in various configurations, LWB and SWB. The more powerful versions were the 24BT and CT – and it was just a 24CT to be the last Panhard ever made, before Citroën closed the production of that glorious make for good.

By David Tarallo

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