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Carmodel code: CAR136932
Manufacturer code: TOP099C
Цвет: RED
Материал: смола
Year: 1975

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In the midst of austerity due to the oil crisis, Lancia made the new Stratos berlinetta debut in rallies, definitively destined to take the place in the world championship of the legendary Fulvia HF. This thoroughbred dressed by Bertone, immediately showed what his qualities were during the development texts carried out in 1973, in view of his debut the following season. The Stratos name was soon associated with that of the "Dragon" Sandro Munari. The driver from Cavarzere, with the car in the characteristic livery in the Marlboro colors, in 1974 won the challenge with the Fiat team. At its debut in the Rally of Italy, the Stratos achieved a win with Munari, who also repeated himself in Canada, at the Rideau Lakes. Another win was clinched in the Tour de Corse, but this time with Jean-Claude Andruet. Chivasso's house thus won the Makes title and did so also the following year and in '76. While changing the color, which became the green and white of the Alitalia sponsor, the Stratos remained the absolute queen. Munari, in those two years, managed to bring home four more successes. He won the 1974 Monte Carlo. But in the same season, the Swede Björn Waldegård (twice on target) and Bernard Darniche also won races. In 1976 Munari won again in Montecarlo and then in Portugal and Corsica, while Waldegard was first at Sanremo. A real blaze for the Stratos HF, which became a true icon. In a word, a concentrate of technology and style. This rear-wheel drive Group 4 car had a steel monocoque and partially fiberglass bodywork. The engine, positioned centrally behind, was a 2,418 cm³ V6 with a power of 250 hp at 7,800 rpm in the first version, then extended to 280 hp at 8,500 rpm in the 1976 version, which had doubled the number of valves bringing them from six to 12. The gearbox used was a 5-speed manual type plus reverse. The suspensions were independent wheels with swing arms and anti-roll bar. The self-ventilated disc brakes. All for a weight of 910 kg (destined to drop to 880 kg) and a wheelbase of 2,180 mm.

By David Tarallo

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